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SM Cenozoic Animals
An interactive book on the most amazing and fascinating creatures of the Cenozoic
You’ll find those amazing creatures that after the mass extinction of dinosaurs at the end of the Cretaceous, have spread during the Cenozoic assuming gigantic proportions.   SM Cenozoic Animals HD is the FREE version of the final chapter of the app SM Dinosaurs and other Prehistoric Creatures HD that contains more than 120 creatures.
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Explore each animal through a complete 360° rotation of the highly realistic 3D model
Rotate the animals in order to better appreciate the characteristics of each of these beautiful creatures.   Compare the size of every animal respect the human body.
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Four indexes
All the paragraphs / animals of the book can be reordered by category, time, geographically or alphabetically.   It is possible to bookmark the paragraph of each animal to create your own list of favorite creatures.
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An exhaustive description for each animal
Each animal is full descripted through an exhaustive text and many highly realistic 3D reconstruction and skeleton images.   For each creature are analyzed the habitat and its lifestyle, the skull, the body, the main findings and its classification.
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